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Cacapon Lodge EntranceOffering 6,000 acres of exciting outdoor getaways any time of year, Cacapon Resort State Park provides golfing, lake activities and hiking opportunities, vacation cabins, restaurant, and golf academy in West Virginia's eastern panhandle.  The lodge extends first-class service year-round.

Pronounced Ka-KAY-pon

Cacapon (pronounced ka-KAY-pon) Resort State Park is so named because it sits within the shadows of a wide expanse of Cacapon Mountain, the highest peak in the eastern portion of the state at 2,300 feet. The mountain divides the landscape, with the park on the eastern slope and the Cacapon River winding along the base of the western slope.

Cacapon is a derivative of a Shawnee Indian word meaning "medicine waters," a reference to the area's mineral waters that have been renowned through history for their healing powers. These waters come to the surface about 10 miles from Cacapon at nearby Berkeley Springs State Park.


Activities offered at Cacapon are open to the public and park guests. Current activities flier


Our beach area is closed on Mondays.  However, beginning Sunday evening, June 18, 2017 after regular closing hours, beach and lake cleaning will begin and continue through Monday June 19, 2017.  This foreseen situation is the result of heavy rains and large deposits of leaf and other debris that must be removed. The lake recovery may not be complete by opening on Tuesday, and if not, park guests may use the swimming pool at Berkeley Springs State Park until the water level returns to Cacapon beach area. Boat rentals will resume when swimming reopens.  (This notice posted June 15, ’17)

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